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How to use our Ringtone Maker
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1. Click Make Ringtone from the main top menu to access our ringtone maker.

step1: click make ringtone from menu

2. Click the browse button.

step2: click to browse for the correct file

3. Select the audio File you wish to make in to a ringtone.

step3: select the file you wish to convert into a ringtone

4. Wait for the file to be uploaded and processed.

step4: wait while the file is being uploaded and processed

5. Please enter your complete ringtone details.

step5: fill in the ringtone details fields

6. Agree that this file is not a copyrighted material.

step6: agree to the terms of use

7. You have successfully created your new ringtone. Click on the download format that is compatible with your cell phone.

step7: success! download your ringtone in your desired format.