What is a video ringtone?

By Brandon posted April 16th, 2011 at 3:33AM

What is a video ringtone?

The days of drag monotonous ringtones are gone. With the power of transferring and downloading provided on mobile phones and audio players too, ringtones have become snazzier. The latest on the block are video ringtones. What are they? Well, rather than playing audio tracks when people call you, your phone can play video tracks. Most cell phones will allow you to set particular videos for particular contacts or a general video for all of them.

A video ringtone is not too tough to make or download. If the mobile phone already has a video recorded, you can take videos of your friends and use them as video ringtones when they call. Want to add music in the background? Transfer them onto the computer, add a track on any moviemaker software and transfer it back to your phone. These days, there are websites too that specifically provide free video ringtones for download. So when someone calls you, you can catch a glimpse of your favourite music video before you take you call.

Video ringtones are not limited to music videos. A lot of people also love watching their own home videos, cartoon clips, sports moments and film scenes as their video ringtones as well. And as per statistics, the life of a video ringtone is shorter than that of an audio counterpart. So most people are always looking for a change, which is good news for people developing video ringtones.

Though a lot of simple mobile phones are also providing video ringtone feature, the concept is best seen and utilised on high end phones like Blacberry, iPhone and generally ones with great sound quality, a good memory and a high resolution screen. But on the hind side, video ringtones take up quite a bit of space and drains the battery quicker than regular ringtones. So, if you want a longer battery life, it is best to stick to the usual audio ringtones or get a spare battery to go with it.

While most phone phones only accept 3gp format for videos, which makes the media files compact and perfect for mobile viewing, things are quickly changing. High end mobile phones do allow .avi formats to play on their phones. With more and more media players going in for mobile players, the range will definitely broaden soon. Converting a video from .avi to 3gp is not too tough. While there are free converters available online, if you are a regular converter you can download one of the many free software applications as well.

A word of advice: it is best to create your own video ringtone than downloading it. Why? Because when you download a video ringtone, there are chances you are downloading a virus/spyware with it which can harm your mobile phone. It is best that you either record your own movies and use them or get a DVD, do the editing on your computer and then transfer them on your mobile phone. Spyware and virus protection is not as advanced yet and though video ringtones can be really attractive, you don’t want your phone to be infected.


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