USB to Phone Cables: Why You Need One

By Brandon posted May 20th, 2011 at 11:25PM

The whole idea of having a cell phone is to stay in contact and to be able to reach others at all times.  So what happens when you find yourself in that all too common scenario where your phone is dead and you are stuck in an area where your charger is useless? Fortunately, charging your phone is not limited to the charger alone and you have a far more versatile option available to you.

USB to phone cables are the solution when there is nothing else in sight.  In today’s times, just about every person with a cellphone also has a computer nearby.  You simply the USB to phone cables, connect it to your computer and you have a simple and easy solution to what seemed like a pressing problem.  Also known as a data cable, it gets plugged into the USB socket on your PC or MAC, giving you five volts of uninterrupted power to charge your phone with.

Once you plug in your phone, you can transfer your pictures, video files, songs, contact lists and just about anything you can think of instantly.  You can save on downloading ringtones and video clips by transferring the data directly from your computer. It would save you from paying for the ringtones and the data that you would use from the cellular networks.

Suppose that phone of yours goes dead during one of the greatest events of your life.  Let’s say it is your child’s birthday and you have been recording the entire event on your phone.  Now, your battery is dead.  With the USB to phone cables once again, the life of your phone is saved, as you quickly charge the phone through the USB to phone cables and get back to recording the important event. You can also transfer the whole event back to your computer for storage over there once you are done.

If you happen to be concerned about the power usage of your computer, then here is more good news for you. The USB ports have their own power supply direct from the power supply unit and will not affect your power usage.  A USB phone cable is an accessory that many of us have, or is on our must have bag of tricks, after all, it is the gadgets and the never being without them that we are so enthralled with, right?  But, most importantly, it is the downtime that can be so alarming, and when we are caught without our phone, there is a helplessness that comes over us all.

Aside from giving life to a dead cell phone, the transferring of data between your phone and your PC is the most convenient, not to mention the quickest way with the USB to phone cables.

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