Aren’t You Tired of The Ringtone Hassle?

By Erin posted June 18th, 2011 at 8:17AM

If you own a cellphone, and most of today’s population all over the world does, you are familiar with the ringtone hassle that sends you through various sites that never really have much to offer, except a $9.99/month fee. These sites could easily send you to another site and another that doesn’t even have anything to do with phones or their cell tones, and can easily cause harm to your computer with virus and spyware or even adware threats you aren’t expecting. Just doing a simple search on Google for free ringtones shows how many truly spammy, tricky sites there are.

This hassle has seen the one of the worst of internet frauds, with some sites asking for personal information only to involve you in identity theft and other financial issues you didn’t and wouldn’t expect. Well, there doesn’t have to be a hassle every time you want to personalize your cell phone, and you don’t have to give up the bucks either. You can just as easily get free ringtones online that don’t send you through a million and one steps just to get one measly tone or nothing at all. Instead you get full control over what you choose and what you download, as well as how you search, with no cost at all right here on Brinked.

Making Your Own Music Tones For Free

Today’s hype about ringtones has a lot to do with customization, with most people today seeking something that is more personal and that is more of what they want to hear as opposed to what is available. There are many sites today that exploit this trend, and even charge a great deal of money through membership fees and often times scams, offering to provide a ringtones for free but instead charge you.

We’re different. See what 21k our fans have to say.

Well, the  truth is that you don’t have to pay for ringtones. You CAN get them for free.  Our ringtone maker lets you create your own ringtones from any music files on your PC – and even YouTube videos. This means you can have a 30 second ringtone of your choice. Completely customized by you. What more could you want? Here’s a video (no sound, sorry) to walk you through the process. Be sure to note the “Download: MP3 / W4R / WAV”  near the end of the video.

Here at Brinked, we offer the highest quality ringtones – 100% free. We are proud to have the loudest ringtones anywhere on the web. We are able to provide these ringtones to you, completely free, because we are an ad-supported website and make enough money displaying ads to maintain the site and pay for server cost. If you try us, and enjoy our service, please share our site with your friends.


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