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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brinked really 100% totally free?

Yes.  Brinked is entirely free to sign up, make and download ringtones.  Brinked does not have a billing system in place so we can not charge you even if we desired to.  Please take careful notice of the advertisements that are placed on  Being that we do not charge for our services, we are compensated for running these advertisements on our site that allows
us to pay our server bill, design, programming and general upkeep.

What ringtone formats does Brinked allow me to download in?

We currently offer mp3, wav and m4r (iphone) formats.  We do not plan to offer any additional formats at this time.  More than 90% of todays phones will support at least one of these formats so we do not see the need to offer any additional formats.  If you need help synching a downloaded ringtone to your specific phone, please check out our support forums for assistance, one of our very helpful members will be happy to assist you.

What makes Brinked stand out from all the other so called free
ringtone websites?

For starters, brinked was the very first to offer users to create ringtones from youtube videos.  Soon after we offered this feature, all the others copied us.  To this day, nobody downloads, cuts and creates ringtones from youtube faster than we do.  See this video for proof.

Brinked also only specializes in just ringtones.  We do not have games, wallpapers and all of that other nonsense.  We are a specialty site.  We would rather do one thing 100% right than do multiple things half way.

How do I download ringtones from brinked?

On the ringtone details page, Under the ringtone player you will see the word "download" and next to it you will see 3 links (mp3, wav and m4r).  Simply click the desired format you want to download in and save to your computer.

When I click on one of the download links, the ringtone starts playing in my media player, how do I get it to save to my computer?

Some internet browsers work differently.  THe best way to truly save the file to your computer is to right click the download link and select "save as" or "save file as" and then you should see the save to folder screen for your computer.

Do you offer to send ringtones to my phone?

Not at this time.  Not every cellphone is equipped to receive ringtone attachments through sms.  A capable system to do this would require a much larger upkeep and we would not be able to keep this service free. There is a "send to phone" advertisement on every ringtone detail page which does offer this service.  Please keep in mind that this is a 3rd party service and they do charge for their service.

I just clicked on "send to phone" and a window came up asking me to
pay money, but I thought was free?

This is an advertisement.  This is offered as an extra service for those who want the ringtones sent directly to their phones rather than downloading to their PC and then synching to their mobile device.  All 3rd party services and advertisements are clearly labeled as such but the best way to tell is by looking at your browser url bar to see if you are on  If you are not, you may be signing up for a premium service.

I forgot my username or password, how can I retrieve it?

You can simply retrieve your username and/or password by visiting our password forgotten page.  If you are still unable to retreive your username/password, contact support and we will be glad to assist you.

A ringtone I made has disappeared from my created ringtones list,
where did it go?

A ringtone may have been deleted for 1 of 2 reasons.

1.  In order to keep server costs reasonable, we delete any ringtones that are not downloaded within the last 6 months.  If a ringtone is not downloaded in this amount of time, it tells us not many people want it and it is just taking up space that can be used for another ringtone that people do want.

2.  This ringtone may have been deleted due to copyright violation. We adhere to all rules and regulations, if a record label or recording industry contacts us requesting a song be removed, we will oblige their requests.

How is Brinked able to provide free ringtones?

We are able to provide free ringtones because have ads displayed on that site that cover the expenses.

How do I download ringtones?

Currently we only offer ringtones in MP3, WAV, and M4R formats. Most phones use MP3 or WAV’s as ringtones, while iPhones use M4R. To download ringtones, right click -> save as(sometimes Save Link As or Save Target As) the filetype your phone supports from the ringtones page.

Do I need internet on my phone to send ringtones via email?

Don’t worry :] You only need to be able to send text messages to recieve ringtones via email.

What are the different ways to send ringtones to my phone?

You can send ringtones to your phone several different ways. Email, USB cables, bluetooth, iTunes, Memory cards, ect.

How do I send ringtones to my phone via email?

Using email to send ring tones to your phone is free if you are able to send text messages with your phone. Standard messaging rates apply.

Step 1) From your cellphone, send a text message to your email address in the # field.
Step 2) Hit ‘reply’ on the email your sent yourself. Attach the ringtone you downloaded earlier.
Step 3) Hit ‘send’. From your phone, you should be able to save the ringtone from the text message.
Step 4) Save the ringtone and enjoy!

If your question is not listed here, please contact support.  One of
our well trained ringtone doctors will get back to you within 24