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SmokeyMess 07-06-2010 05:50 PM

How To Send To Your Email (FAQ + Steps)
Q: How do i do that?
A: Well I know how to send it by Verizon.
With Verizon if you put your number + area code (no spaces or "-" in between the numbers) and then add this at the end then attach your ringtone in the email and send.
Now for a different company try sending something from your phone to your email and with the address that came from your phone keep it because if you save it then you can use it to send things to your phone, like photos, ringtones, videos, ect.

if you don't know how to send things to your email by your phone all you have to do is go to your text messages, make a new message and in the address instead of numbers for a phone number all you have to do is write in your email address (sorry if you knew this already, some people don't know how to do this step)

I hoped this helped you.

Q: Well, I have Verizon and this sounds great except I'll be damned if I can find a way to attach the file. If i try sending it to my email, all it does is send a link for the song on this site. Great!
A:Okay when you are in your email and you make a new message to go to another address well in your email it should say "Attach a File" or "Attach" you click on that but first you have to make sure you downloaded the ringtone and know where it is on your computer. After you click on the "Attach" button, find the song and click "OK" after you do that then it should upload so you can send it to your phone. You don't have to have a link or anything like that in your message to get to your phone because it won't work. After its done uploading and you have your address that is right to go to your phone, click on "Send"

Now if your trying to get the address to send to your phone all you have to do is put your full number in and put this at the end (as in what I send in my last reply above that, you Quoted above to reply)

I don't know how to make this easier to say since these are really the steps to sending by email to get to a phone. I do it with my phone, showed my sister and my mom how to do it and some of my friends and they don't have trouble doing it. So I hope this will help you a little bit better now.

Q: How do you download the ringtone to ur computer?
A: You click on the ringtone you want (the link should be blue) after you click on it under the Rating, it will show this "Download: MP3 / WAV / M4R" click on which ever one that will go for your phone (I usually do MP3 because the size is smaller) then it should download.

Now if you do not understand my answers, I will make it easier for you in steps.
Step 1: Download ringtone from site. (don't know how, look above at my last answer)
Step 2: Attach your ringtone in a new message in your email. (don't know how, look at the middle answer)
Step 3: Make sure you have your address right i.e. (this is a made up number)
Step 4: Send email.
Now if you aren't with Verizon, just send a photo from your phone to your email address and keep the address your phone gives you on your email. That is how I found my Verizon address to my phone. (I know this is a repeat from some of the first answer)

This is all that you really need to get a ringtone for free without worrying about the advertisements and the monthly cost that people are confused and frustrated about.

This should work for you, it works for me. If it doesn't work for you well I don't really have more to say on how to help you out with the problem.

musicmanbrian 10-26-2010 10:54 PM

nice post man

revrick 02-15-2011 05:51 PM

I have a Samsung Zeal and am using a micor sd do I transfer ringtones from sd card to phone,,,I am on Verizon

zoetheunicorn 02-16-2011 11:56 AM

If you have a yahoo account, send a multi-media message from your phone to that address. Like, mine is So you can send a mms message there, and if you go to your email online, after you've downloaded ringtones, you can reply to your mms message from your email and attach the ringtones and send them to your phone. It works for me and my best friend. I have AT&T, and she has tMobile. :)

00146859 03-03-2011 12:09 AM

Thank you sooo much for this information. I know this wasn't intended for me but I found this so helpful! I was so confused before. Thanks again!

gonzos-pal 03-03-2011 12:33 PM

Thank you so much, SmokeyMess, for the step-by-step instructions! Your time and effort helped me a great deal and I thoroughly enjoy this site! Thanks again.

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