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christmas 11-24-2010 06:45 AM

Christmas Ringtones
Hey guys! I just wanted to share with all of these this list of Christmas Ringtones I put together. Christmas is just around the corner and it's hard to narrow the list down to only 10 Christmas ringtones.. but here it goes. (Or you can just view my Christmas Ringtones List to listen to my favorite christmas ringtones)

#1 - All I want For Christmas Is You by Miriah Carey.

This is a great christmas ringtone by Miriah Carey, and is one of the most popular christmas ringtones this year.

#2 - My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears

Another one of my favorites.

#3 - Christmas Cannon Rock by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra has two of their songs ranking on my top 10 most popular christmas ringtones list. Great ringtone.

#4 Carol Of The Bells by Trans-Sibberian Orchestra

This is another very popular christmas ringtone.

#5 All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan by Kenney Chesney

For all your country lovers out there, this is one of the best country christmas ringtones I could find.

#6 This Christmas by Chris Brown

This is one for the ladies.. enjoy.

#7 The Christmas Song by Alvin And The Chipmunks

This is one of the most popular all time Christmas song (let alone christmas ringtone). Enjoy this Classic!

#8 Santa Baby by Taylor Swift

This is better than the original in my opinion, but i've posted the original too.. both are great Christmas ringtones

#9 Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

This one is for those of you who like the older style of singing. Classic.

#10 The Christmas Song by Jessica Simpson

This is my least favorite ringtone on this top 10 list, but according to all of you, this one should rank #10. Enjoy!

So, post your thoughts and any additions you think should be added.

Go here to download these Christmas ringtones.

erilynrn 11-28-2010 07:40 AM

I love Santa Baby!

musicmanbrian 12-01-2010 09:40 AM

which one? I prefer the taylor swift version :]

dartamy 12-04-2010 04:27 PM

Thank you!!!!!

christmas 12-07-2010 11:02 AM

No problem. Which was your favorite?

MysticalHippo 12-24-2010 04:34 AM

I love Christmas music! Thanks. What happened to rockin around the christmas tree? :p

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