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sydney1234567 05-09-2011 10:01 PM

how do i?
how do i send ringtones to my samsung reality?

metallicafan79 05-16-2011 11:06 PM

how do i send ringtones to my cell phone

musicmanbrian 06-03-2011 04:00 PM

You download the ringtones(some people need to right click -> save as), and send them to your phone via any of the following options:

1) email the ringtone to your phone (instructions found throughout the forums)

2) use a USB to phone cable - HIGHLY recommended. USB cables are cheap, and can be used to send images, ringtones, or any other file from your pc to your phone. Just make sure it is the right cable for your phone.

3) Memory Card - Only works on phones able to read memory cards (obviously). You will need not only the memory card, but a way to get data from your memory card to your PC.

4) Bluetooth - Not too familiar with this option, as I've never had to.

5) iTunes - Again, not too familiar with this option.. could any of you add some insructions for iTunes users?

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