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Mortelle 11-09-2011 10:18 PM

How To: Set a custom SMS ringtone on Android phones
I had a hard time setting up my SMS tone on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phone (Android). I thought that, since I finally figured it out, I'd share the knowledge with anyone else who might be having some trouble of their own. It's really a lot more complicated than it should be, but what can ya do?

1. Changing your text tone isn't the same as changing your calling tone. For calls, you go menu button > settings > sounds, and find it from there. To change your SMS alert, you need to open your messaging app (keep in mind this is for the default messaging app, not Handcent/Chomp/etc.), press the menu button, and choose settings. Scroll all the way down to "Select ringtone".

2. Odds are, the only choices you have are the default tones that came stock with the phone. Those obviously suck. You need to move the file you want to use as your SMS tone to the folder Android recognizes as the notifications folder. If you have the "My Files" navigator app on your home screen, open it. If not, open your apps and select "My Files".

3. Navigate to the folder your ringtone is stored in. Long-press on the file and select Move. Now navigate to SDcard/media/audio/notifications and select Move Here.

4. Go back to your messaging app settings and choose Select Ringtone. Your custom file should now be listed. Good luck!

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