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jennyp216 05-11-2009 07:32 PM

getting ringtones on motorola phones
I have been getting alot of questions about how i get ringtones on my phone
First of all i have a motorola E815..but all motorola phones pretty much work the same...get the ringtone you want then save as a mp3 to a folder on your computer..i save the tones in (my music) then make a seperate folder just for ringtones only...I mean idk how yall computers work...i'm just sayin this how i don't be gettin all tight lipped if it don't work...anywayz my phone does not support that USB thingy....

Yo it took me a min to figure out that my phone don't even work that way....yo it was really pissin me off!!! So i noticed that the phone does have a slot where you put an SDcard (it's like a lil memory card) and it holds way more and if you like me and don't want people all in your can transfer pics and video as well...make sure you get the mini SDcard and the adapter so it can fit in you computer...put the shit in the computer where it say SD...go back to wherever you saved the ringtones, right-click and it should say send to...there should be a should say something like removable disk a,b,c,d,e,etc...send it there.

If you did it right..put the memory card back in your phone..go to menu, then media gallery, then should see the corny ass ringtones that's already on menu again and it should say switch storage should say trans-tflash or some shit like that (thats the memory card) once you do that if you did everything i said do...your ringtones should be there..then once you see them press menu again..then press should move the ringtones to your phone...vice versa if u wanna store pics and video on the card...the rest is simple... hopes this helps some of love

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